About Us

Vets4VetsVFC focuses on using similar experiences of the group for the betterment of the individual. Although we may not have been in the exact situation you have while serving, we have been in many of the same.


We have gone through some of the same trials and tribulations both while wearing the uniform and more difficult to deal with, while not wearing the uniform as we learn to overcome new challenges that are presented on a daily basis.


Doing this with fellow veterans makes things easier to deal with and gives you as a veteran an understanding soundboard to help navigate through the new issues presented daily in everyday life. 


So what sets us apart from the VA or other organizations? What makes this work when other things often do not?


Can you remember a time when you returned home from your tour and were taught a class by someone without a combat patch or a deployment under their belt?


Did you listen to the class as well?  Probably not, because they didn't hold as much credibility as someone that has "walked a mile in your shoes" or has been there.


It is often times the same with doctors and care providers, how can you treat something when your only experience with the subject is through a book?


This is why our process works, we understand what you are going through because we ARE YOU! We use our experiences to help each other get through and make tomorrow a better day for ourselves, our families and our community.  

It is our aim to provide services to our Veterans, based on the needs of each individual Veteran, that include:

  • Education in the farming industry to aide Veterans in providing directly for their families
  • Assisting in Vets' pursuit of furthering their education
  • Providing reintegration services
  • Healing physical, psychological and emotional wounds through horticulture therapy and animal therapy
  • Providing camaraderie with others that have served to help with the connection, aide in behavioral health issues and a feeling of belonging; Something many Veterans miss after service
  • Feeding Vets and their families with Food Donations through direct donations or fellow Non-Profit food banks.
  • Providing help with case documents and appeals with the Veterans' Administration and Social Security.

 Questions and Answers


  • How many vets are in the program?
    • At any given time we work with a changing number of veterans due to helping with not only paperwork but the farming education portion as well. We have over 5,300 veterans in Herkimer County alone  who we are trying to reach and with the 18,462 in Onieda County right next door we have a lot of work ahead of us!
  • Are you looking to become a full time producer?
    • We are by no means looking to become the next large scale farm producer. We are looking to become self sustainable and provide for the community and veterans we serve.
  • Do you have to be a disabled veteran to volunteer?
    • You do not have to be a vet to volunteer!  We have many opportunities where we can use help and veteran status does not bar you from helping, their are many tasks within the organization, so if farming is not your interest, don't worry we have other ways to help!  Please contact us for more details.