10 years. That is how long we have battled PTSD.  

My husband and I have been together for over half of our lives . We started dating at 16 years old. Had our first child 2 years later and have been on our own since.  He joined the Marine Corps in 2005 to better our lives and be able to support our family. 

I loved being a Marine wife. The friends we made are lifetime friends. 

He deployed to Iraq in 2007. Our second daughter was only 8 months old. Oldest was 3 years.  I stayed with the girls in NC. When he would call I always got the same answer when I asked how he was doing. "I'm fine. Kinda bored. Haven't really done much". Little did I know it was all a lie so that I wouldn't worry about him.  

When he came home 9 months later everything was amazing. NORMAL.  It wasn't until 3 months later that I started noticing the changes. He no longer laughed or smiled like he used to. He always seemed sad. Public places were a no go . And the anger. Anything would upset him.  After punching my dash board and cracking it i had had enough and contacted his Sgt who made him go see someone. 

I really thought it would be easy to beat. That he would see a therapist a few times and I would have my normal happy ,loving husband back.  Boy was I completely wrong.  No one could imagine what life has been like these last 10 years.