We have created a blog that will hit home for many of our visitors, "A day in the life of a military wife".

 The goal behind this blog is to let the spouses of veterans who have returned from war zones to tell their stories, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

 Many times people think that it is only the transition of the military member when they return, when in fact more times than not the hardest transitions are for those that never left, yet, who's lives will never be the same.

 We will talk about things that matter, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, fear, loneliness, recovery, things that have helped and things that have not, and most importantly what makes today like everyday, but different in it's own chaos. These are the things that many spouses and caregivers need to hear, because many are in the same position, but feel completely alone.

 We encourage those who feel this is a subject they can weigh in on and share your personal stories, to please email one of our staff and we will get you the ability to share as often as you want.

 We will not be posting the authors names to allow them the ability to share freely without judgement, from others in the community, but also from those written about.

 We are looking forward to this part of the programs we offer and hope to help many and bridge the gaps between those that are the unsung heroes often forgotten.