Farming Education


We offer farming education programs in numerous areas, please contact us to see when the next courses will begin. We offer courses in the following areas:


Poultry - We teach from start to finish production from chicks to butcher with our all inclusive 12 week program.


Pork- Our Pork for Patriots program offers a 26 week program teaching veterans from piglet to butcher weight. 


Beef- We teach the in's and outs to raising beef from the ground up from housing to nutrition in our Beef Operation


Produce- Everything needed from seed selection to harvesting techniques is taught in this program during the 20 week class.


Field Crops- during the season long course we offer training on equipment maintenance,  site preparation, crop cultivation, crop care and harvesting. 


Beginning Farmer Marketing- We teach the veteran everything from creating a marketing plan to developing a niche market for product sales and everything in between in this 12 week course.


Farmers Market 101- through this 16 week course we take veterans through the farmers market selection process, vendor relations, insurance requirements, market set up/ and tear down procedures, cash handling and bookkeeping along with other needed skills to become successful in farmers market operations.