Pork for Patriots Sponsorship

How the Sponsorship works:

  • We will be purchasing piglets and assigning each to a Veteran in this 6 month program.
  • Veterans will work weekly with our instructor to learn the science behind raising and caring for the animals; from piglets until finish butcher weight.
  • Veterans will gain experience in animal handling. And, in doing so, will benefit from the requisite physical exercise that is often lacking after military service has ended. Many have also found it therapeutic to care for and work with these very affectionate animals.
  • Each Veteran will have the ability to feed his or her family, upon successful completion of the program, with approximately 180 pounds of fresh pork that they raised themselves.
  • They will have the satisfaction of knowing they have provided for their families now and have acquired the skills to do so in the future.​
  • Tax deductible donations are Welcome and Encouraged.

Program Scope

  • The Pork for Patriots© program allows Veterans the opportunity to raise a pig from piglet to butcher weight while learning the technical and hands-on aspects to do so effectively and efficiently.
  • This program will provide Veterans the ability to learn these skills as well as a place to meet other Veterans while having access to animal therapy.
  • Veterans will be sponsored by individuals, corporations and community and church groups to participate in the program. Upon successful completion, the Veteran will have the pork to support his or her family.
  • The cost to  ​a Veteran in this program is $700.00, start to finish which is paid for by donations from the community, with the Veterans, their families, and the community as a whole being the beneficiaries. We're encouraging Corporations, Church groups, Veterans' Outreach groups and Community groups to band together to Sponsor Vets in need by sponsoring one Vet and one piglet at a time.