Beef Operation 



We have been establishing a beef herd of various types of breeds or both individual use/homesteading, as well as commercial breeds. We are raising dexter, belted Galloway, white face Hereford, linebackes,and blue Belgiums. 


We pride ourselves in treating our animals as members of the family, showing care, compassion and love while providing a high quality of life while on the farm.


The animals enjoy tons of pasture space to ensure they have extra food and room to be a cow!


We promote a healthy lifestyle offering antibiotic free, grass fed beef at a fraction of the cost to those in the community as well as veteran families.


We teach veterans various areas within the beef business from calf raising and nutrition, to pasture management and rotational grazing. We also educate on fencing options, breeding both naturally and AI, feed maintenance,and many other areas. 


We have also begun a small dairy herd to offer additional training and products in the future.   


Our beef program is an all encompassing program which last 30 weeks of both on farm classroom and hands on training. Veterans will receive a portion of the meat they help raise throughout the program.